Why I Should Use Clean Meow?

Safe and Natural

Clean Meow is a cat litter solution rather than a cat litter. With its 100% Herbal content, it is extremely safe and natural for the health of both your cat and you.

Super Absorbent

Clean Meow is a super absorbent cat litter solution; It absorbs liquid up to 560% of its volume and prevents odor. Coconut product is both natural, odorless and absorbent as cat litter.

No Chemicals

Clean Meow; It is made in Sri Lanka's large and natural coconut groves, not in mines that harm nature and the environment. It is not an underground product exposed to heavy industrial wastes.


While producing Clean Meow, it never harms the nature, and used Clean Meow never harms the nature. IT IS THE ONLY NATURE FRIENDLY CAT LITTER

Dust Free

Clean Meow; Unlike other cat litters, Clean Meow does not consist dust or powder. It is safe for your cat's respiratory system.


Clean Meow; It is a sustainable herbal product made from 100% natural, 100% organic coconut shell. It is completely herbal, only coconut. Nothing else

Kedi Dostudur

Clean Meow is just Clean Meow beyond cat litter. It is cat friendly with its content and purity. It can be eaten by cats, it has no harm to their health.


Clean Meow; It is the most economical cat litter you can use. If you follow the instructions for use, it will contribute to your annual budget compared to your cat's and your cat's comfort.

Easy to Clean

Clean Meow can be easily released to the nature after pouring it into your toilet or garden and using it according to the instructions.