The Only Cat Litter That Cares About Your Cat's and Your Health
Clean Meow; Pursuing the world we live in, and efficient use of its resources on its purpose, the production of the necessary hygiene products for use by your pet and your cat in order to create change on a global scale has been established in Turkey. Turkey and the global climate change and the unsustainable consumption of natural resources continuing in the world; As a brand and company, our primary goal is to stop human-induced threats that result in the loss of both natural habitats and species. Clean Meow aims to work for a future where human beings live in harmony with nature by changing current consumer habits.

Our life partners, by bringing a new perspective to the domestic hygienic cat toilet use of cats, which are the leading pets; as well as the health of your dear friend as well as the Clean enhancing productivity features Meow release back to nature with the FIRST of its kind in Turkey, both our countries are committed to being the world pioneer in other countries.

Knowing the importance of being respectful to nature and not leaving any chemical traces in the eco system, besides being animal lovers, our brand is a product that is formulated and produced as 100% herbal, 100% natural, not as an alternative to subsoil processed products, but against such products. Clean Meow is more than just a cat litter, CLEAN MEOW is a cat litter solution with absolutely no alternative.

Clean Meow serves as a brand of MA-KİMYA.

Clean Meow; Obtained from the vast, untouched, vast coconut forests of Sri Lanka; It is a product that is 100% natural, 100% herbal, absolutely free of toxic wastes, does not contain any other ingredients, 100% recyclable, does not contain allergen factors.

Clean Meow is definitely not made of clay. Man-made mines, exposed to various toxic substances under the ground, fragrance in it, etc. It is a very different product from cat litter containing chemical and toxic residues, it is ONLY INDIAN WALNUT without any additives.