en 1 %100 Vegan Cat Litter Solution Clean Meow can make your cat feel safe, comfortable in your home. 100% natural material, with natural coloring and scents gives your cat the feel of a natural environment. BUY NOW en 2 %100 Organic Cat Toilet Solution Clean Meow keeps your cat safer by keeping them cleaner. High volume to weight ratio gives any cat housed on Clean Meow more support, cushioning, warmth and therefore more comfort. Comfier cats are happier and healthier. BUY NOW en 3 Premium
100% Herbal Cat Litter
Clean Meow; It is not a subsoil product exposed to toxic substances. It has not been removed from the mines, has not been treated. No harmful substances like fragrances, clumping agents or any other additives were added. BUY NOW
100% Natural Organic Premium
Coconut Cat Litter

The only Cat Litter which thinks of you and your Cat's Health

Clean Meow does not harm the health of you and your cat in any way, unlike the usual cat litters. Clean Meow does not contain toxic wastes, chemical components, synthetic additives, perfumes, flocculants etc. that can damage your and your cat’s skin health, your and your cat’s lungs and your cat’s immune system. Clean Meow is a natural coconut product that does not contain any of the additives.

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100% natural, organic, humble and amazing coconut product

%100 Coconut

Clean Meow is a sustainable herbal cat litter solution made from 100% natural, 100% organic coconut husk. Clean Meow; It is obtained by extracting the coconut from the large and natural coconut gardens of Sri Lanka and not by digging the mines that damage nature and the environment


Clean Meow does not make dust, does not make any allergen when pouring your cat's litter or cleaning your cat's litter. Clean meow is ideal for owners who suffer from shortness of breath and upper respiratory diseases such as asthma.

100% Herbal

Clean Meow is all herbal product. Clean Meow is made of Coconut which is one of the most perfect plants created by nature. Clean Meow does not contain any additives, flocculant chemicals or perfumes.

High Liquid Absorbency

Clean Meow; trap the liquid. The coconut fibers that make up the content of Clean Meow have up to 560% liquid absorbency rate. By imprisoning liquid and odor together, it provides you and your cat with superior comfort.

Return to Nature

After using Clean Meow on your cat, you do not need a variety of waste disposal pouches, locked packaging to dispose it. Clean Meow is a product that can be left back to nature after use. It serves as a superior compost for your gardens and plants.

Perfect and Comfortable

Clean Meow; It has many features to make your life as well as your cat’s life comfortable. Thanks to its features such as being light, being pourable, being usable daily, it gives you many advantages.
How to Use Clean Meow?

Here are two recommended ways of us to use Clean Meow according to your cat and your preferences. You can use Clean Meow with peace of mind by choosing from the following ways of use.

Daily use

Pour and spread 500ml Clean Meow into your cat’s toilet using the scale cup which you will find inside the Clean Meow box.


Let your cat use the Clean Meow for 24 hours


You will not need to interfere with your cat’s sand during this time.


At the end of the 24 hours, you can dispose Clean Meow by pouring it into your toilet or garden

Recommended Use

Pour and spread 3500ml Clean Meow into your cat’s toilet using the scale cup which you will find inside the Clean Meow box.


Let your cat use Clean Meow


Once a day, remove solid waste and mix Clean Meow well


Repeat these operations every day for 4 days


At the end of 4 days, you can dispose Clean Meow by pouring it into your toilet or garden


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